1.2.1 Behaviour Training

​Would you like your dog to be happy with real-life situations, comfortable with other dogs or people, return when called, stop jumping up at you, barging through doorways, etc.  Whatever your concern, I can help.

Each dog is an individual, with individual experiences and genetics that make them unique;

The Process:

Starts with a comprehensive questionnaire to complete, this will enable me to gain background information to be able to develop a bespoke training progamme.

Following on from the questionnaire a home visit at a mutually convenient time takes place where we agree a training schedule to implement.

I’ll demonstrate training techniques to enable you to commence the training, on occasions we may need to go right back to basics.

Sometimes there is no ‘quick-fix’ and the training is usually a set of progressive steps over a period of time.  We wok at your dog’s pace.  All you need to be is consistency and with commitment you can help your dog achieve success

Jan Harris Dog Services will build a bespoke training plan to manage and reduce problem areas with my thorough and supportive behaviour modification program, designed to be achievable and suit your needs. You can rest assured that you are speaking to a fully qualified trainer.

On-going Support – Email support

Follow up visits may be required

Contact Jan on 07733885199 or Email jan@janharrisdogservices.com

Price: £48 per hour