Canine Hoopers is a unique, fun and challenging dog sport, similar to agility without the jumping. Being a low impact sport, there is no jumping or contact equipment therefore being gentler on the dogs joints and limbs.

Suitable for all breeds regardless of size and age including puppies (from 4 months of age) and is particularily suitable for dogs who previously did agility but due to some injuries or age can no longer cope with the jumping.

Dogs will run round a circuit of arched Hoops to go through, around Barrels and negotiate short Tunnels, being guided by you, working as a team. Over the weeks I will teach you how to direct your dog with verbal and visual cues from a distance

No time restrictions – you can walk if you prefer!

Benefits – a great new tool for mentally stimulating your best friend whilst strengthening the bond between you both.

There’s no pressure, it’s not competition level, it’s about you and more importantly your dog having FUN.

Canine Hoopers is different and once tried can become addictive

Booking a session:

Canine Hoopers runs throughout the year. Please follow my Facebook site for latest news & dates or register your interest via email or call 07733 885199