I often get asked what is best for a dog – a collar, a head collar or a harness – especially in regard to a dog that pulls. Any of these used properly with a dog that does not pull is fine, whatever works for you, but a dog can pull with any of these on.

Did you know that a dog that pulls on a collar puts pressure on their trachea causing them to not be able to breathe properly, pressure on their spinal cord and pressure can result in damage to their eyes.

Ultimately you want to train your dog not to pull, take a look at our Loose Leaders Workshop on Group Classes page, but even with a dog that does not pull I believe a well fitting harness is a kinder choice. For some of my classes, such as those with recall practise where we use long lines, a harness is essential so that no damage is caused to your dog.

Harnesses should fit well, not rub and should allow freedom of movement. Wrongly fitting harnesses can do harm to your dog. I recommend:


A walking harness that has two points of contact – a fixing at the front under their chin as well as at the back.  The Perfect Fit Harnesses comes in three pieces (two for tiny dogs) and you size each piece separately to get that a great fit. Sounds complicated, but seriously its not and there a great help line to contact if you are unsure.

This is good if you have a dog that isn’t a standard size, or a growing dog as you can replace just one part of the harness rather than the whole thing. They are also fleece lined which is kinder for the dog.