Most dog breeds were developed with a specific purpose in mind, for example, sporting, working, herding and so forth. Consequently, whether your pet is a purebred or mixed breed, chances are he carries genetic traits that drive him to pursue an activity.

Many modern day dogs don’t get opportunities to do what their breed instincts tell them to do. In addition, it’s a rare dog that exercises on his own, and your back garden doesn’t necessarily provide the variety of sensory stimulation most dogs need to ward off boredom.

Dogs need walks for both exercise and mental stimulation and thats where I can help you, as we all have busy schedules.  whether it’s a one off walk, perhaps you are taking a few days away or need a regular walker for one, two or 5 days a week, contact Jan


Dog Walking Pricing Schedule

One to One Walks.

One Hour – from £14.00

45 Minutes – from £12.00

30 minutes – from £10.00

Prices are based on one dog per household.  Discount apply to additional dogs from the same home.

Group Walks.

One Hour – from £12.00

Collecting/dropping off does not form part of the walking time.

Weekends and Bank Holidays occasionally available (surcharge will apply)