Current offer all Personal Dog Training £48 per session and Puppy and Teen Pup Group classes £86 instead of £96

Fun puppy and dog classes designed to let your puppy/dog get a head start on life skills to enable them to  become confident, polite mannered canines. JOIN ANYTIME

Your Puppy’s Training Journey

Would you expect your child to go to school for one term and assume they are ready to face every scenario in life? The same applies to pups, training starts as soon as they arrive home and continues through to 2 years of age. The more time spent training together the better your relationship and prepares your dog to cope with life in the outside world.

Pre-vaccination – Avoid inadvertently reinforcing unwanted behaviour and starting puppy socialization by starting training as soon as puppy arrives at home before puppy has completed their full course of vaccinations.

Happy Puppy Training – a 6-week group class run in a real life environment at my outside venue. Would you like your puppy to sit and wait at the door, rush to your side when called, walking politely at your side, wait for permission to greet people and dogs, and much more then this is the class for you.

Happy Teen Pup Training –Building on the skills learnt in Happy Puppy Class, walking around and between people and dogs, recalling your dog back from play with others, stopping at a distance to avoid a potential danger, dropping an item, and more. Repeat as many times as you like as the class format is constantly changed to make it more challenging and interesting,.

Advanced Training – Check out our Partnership Grades 1-5.

Venue:  Newtown Sports and Social Club, Greencourt Drive, Bognor

A step by step guide is provided after each class and on occasions a video of particular exercises

My training technique is using positive reward based methods which have been scientifically proven as the best style to teach dogs