Adult Dog Training


Group Dog Training for Adult dogs – Whether a refresher of the basics or you would like to build upon skills already learnt or perhaps you just want to stimulate your dog I can help with these grop training sessions of 45 minutes
Trick training is a great way to keep your adult dog stimulated with these short sessions, such as:
Gentle tricks such as spin and twist – which aid flexibility
Targeting – We will start by teaching an easy hand touch then build from this to coming back to you, think an alternative to recall, switching a light on/off, etc.
Put toys away – Teaching your dog to put their toys away is a method to keep your dog engaged and the behavior will keep him or her a little more active in a gentle manner loosening up those stiff joints and muscles without putting a strain on their body.

Name your Toys – Stimulate your dog mentally by teaching him the name of their toys.
Fetch – Gentle retrieve using their natural innate drive.
And SO much more

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