Fun Agility 6-week Class


Fun Agility Class

Whether you have done agility previously or are new to agility all are welcome.

Each class is 50 minutes in duration and a fun activity for you and your pooch to tackle the agility obstacles

The aim of agility is to negotiate a series of obstacles in a set order, the agility course might include jumps, tunnels, an mini A-Frame or a tyre, amongst other things.

Your dog will develop physical confidence and the ability to watch you carefully. You will develop a keen eye to know how you can influence and control your dog’s movements around a space.

Limited to 4 dogs so book now to avoid disappointment!

The course is in blocks of 6-weeks.

If your dog is not comfortable in a group setting why not consider Personal Agility Training, please email for more details at

DOGS NEED TO IDEALLY HAVE BASIC OBEDIENCE – Need some help with this contact Jan to discuss.

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