Partnership Grade 1


A 6-week course towards achieving the IMDT Partnership Grade 1 Certification.  The IMDT Partnership Grades were created for IMDT Fully Qualified Members to be able to offer a relevant and useful certification scheme for clients to achieve, from beginners through to your advanced classes and 1.2.1s

IMDT Partnership Grades can only be awarded by qualified IMDT Members.
1 Loose lead Walking. Handler allowed to treat 3 times over the course, but no luring 200 metres. Incl. left turn, right turn, about turn, x 2 sits. On lead
2 Sit No lure. Dog to Sit, Handler to step 5 paces away, return to dog after 60 seconds
3 Down No lure. Dog to Down, Handler to step 5 paces away, return to dog after 60 seconds
4 Recall Handler to place 5 treats on the floor and walk 10 paces away as the dog eats, when ready, Handler to call the dog. Long line can be left trailing on the dog for safety.
5 Inspection Dog to comfortably be inspected by IMDT Trainer with no distress from dog. Areas to ‘inspect are:-foot, tail, ear 6 Chin Rest With no lure, Handler to sit in chair and cue a Chin Rest. Dog to maintain position as Handler mimic eye-drop application for 5 secs min

Small group class  of 2-3 dogs.  This is also available for clients who’s dogs do not enjoy a group class or clients prefer 1-2-1 training.  Speak to Jan for more info on the 1-2-1 option

No Dates Currently Available - Please Contact Jan to Enquire -
Tel: 07733885199