Happy Puppy Home Visits


Getting puppy’s is so exciting but a lot of work.  In the early days they need regular feeding and toilet breaks which can be difficult to fit in if you are working.  You could be losing valuable training time by waiting for puppy to complete their course of vaccinations or waiting to take puppy out before booking training

Pre-vaccinations home visits are short 20 minute sessions to help with puppy toileting, have a break from their pen/crate, feeding, play, etc.  Once your puppy is allowed outside for a more comprehensive training program I recommend booking on to one of my puppy training classes or 1-2-1 puppy training.

Owners often don’t realise that puppy can start training from the moment they arrive at their forever home and before they have completed their course of vaccinations.  I can help with socialising puppy, introducing puppy to the big wide world in a safe manner

In the home we can start introducing the harness, lead walking and some basic obedience